Michel Amieux

French / English Interpreter


£40.00 per hour

Half-day: £160.00 (inclusive of travel time)

Full day: £240.00 (up to 6 hours, inclusive of travel time)


Conference (booth)/meetings & visits (face to face)/telephone/remote/tour guide system


Legal & Law

Business, Marketing & Finance

Environment, Climate Change & Forestry

Medical & Pharmaceutical



Public Service: Home Office, Courts, Police, Immigration, Probation & Solicitors

Public Bodies: Council of Europe, French trade Mission, Birmingham City Council

Corporations: RATP, BMW, JCB, Caterpillar, Xerox, GAP, Geopost, Infiniti, IdVerde, GAP, Metrolink, Gripple, Autosmart, Spie


Michel was an excellent interpreter and a credit to the meeting’

Burgess Pet Care – Managing Director

Michel did an excellent interpreting job. Thank you.’

MHS Homes – Information and Systems Coordinator

I have used Mr Amieux as a French language interpreter on a weekly basis for a period of four months. I am very satisfied with his work as he is able to translate quickly, taking notes where appropriate to ensure accuracy. He has always been punctual, professional and organised.’

National Probation Service – Probation Officer

Mr Amieux demonstrated a very high standard of interpretation both in English and French. He kept pace with the hearing and throughout followed the correct procedure. His behaviour was very professional as well as his punctuality.’

Nottingham Immigration Tribunal – Immigration Judge

I have known Michel professionally for several years and my experience working with him is two-fold: first, in my capacity as interpreting and translation coordinator, Michel has always proven to be a very reliable and flexible linguist; secondly, I have had the pleasure to interpret with Michel and his skills and booth manners are irreproachable. I have no hesitation in recommending him.’

Cindy Schaller – Conference Interpreter

The standard of Michel’s translation skills was excellent. He translated at a pace that suited both the presenters and the audience. Michel was extremely professional in all my dealings with him. He was also polite and very friendly and interacted well with both colleagues from the Commission and those visiting from Paris. I would have no hesitation in recommending Michel’s services.’

The Gambling Commission – Betting Integrity Programme Lead

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